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I wrote the following blog for Jenniffer Wardell, and it was first published on her blog site at:

She has an awsome blog and I would recommend it to everyone.  Well, here's what I writed about:

Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is the technical name for what we laymen refer to as a “split personality”.  It is a controversial diagnosis with some experts believing it is not real, or maybe even therapist induced.  (Isn’t Wikipedia wonderful?)  I bring this up, because I sometimes believe I may have a form of DID, though I have never seen a therapist.  (I was going to say, “Where is the fun of having a mental disorder if you get it fixed?” but then I worried that someone with a real mental disorder would be offended, and yes, I think that people with mental disorders are the most likely to be reading my stuff.  Whatever.)
When I’m writing, I sometimes believe that I have multiple personalities within me, all battling to get out, or at least take control of the writing process.  And, most of these personalities, wait, no, all of these personalities are younger than me; healthier than me; and without a doubt, thinner and better looking than me.  The sixteen year old personality is especially keen to take over.  He must not have caught a look of me in the mirror yet.

It is from these disparate and distinct personalities that I form the characters that I write about in my novels.  To some extent or another, everyone I write about, or maybe I should say, everyone I write for is deep down inside my id somewhere. (Damn, I am esoteric!)  So, when I write about different people I am really just writing about some part of myself.  I am the young, good looking, high school football star Cal; and I am also the middle aged, overweight, balding, mean and obnoxious Mr. Samuel. (Both characters from Pitch Green.)

In real life, I am not young or good looking, but neither am I mean or balding.  I’m only a little obnoxious.  But both of these characters are inside of me, and I only need to bring them out and put them in the story to write about them.  I am not writing about people I observe, though I love to observe other people.  I am writing about myself.  No matter how different or unique each character is from the others, I’m there.

Of course, this begs the question: “What about the female characters you write about?”  (My sons will all stop reading this right exactly at this point.)  If I were really cool, and politically correct, I would claim to have female personalities along with the male personalities.  But I am only cool, not politically correct, and no matter how deep you look inside of me, you will not find a woman, or even any woman-type being.  My wife will confirm this.

This does not mean I cannot write for the women I write about.  Women are people, (that sounds so patronizing) and we overlap enough as people that I don’t have a problem writing from a woman’s perspective.  That is, as long as I have women, like my wife and daughters, who read what I write and tell me when I have it wrong.

This means, analogous with the way I write for the guys, when I write for women, I am looking out of their eyes at the world that is being created for them.  So, if I’m not part woman, (and there are a few bullies from my high school days who would claim that I am), the women that I write about are part me.  (I told you I was esoteric.)

The way this works, evidently, is that the guys I write for are all looking out my eyes as I write for them, but as I write for the women, I am the one looking out of their eyes.  Weird, huh?  But, that is the way it works, and for me, it works pretty well.
Whether or not this means I have DID, I don’t know, though it is probably indicative of a need to at least go to therapy.  Yea, well, I’m still not going.  Why mess with all those extra personalities?  I need them when I’m developing new characters.  After all, that’s how I write.

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Happy Book Birthday, PITCH GREEN!


March 16, 2013
PITCH GREEN is officially released today!

The countdown ticker says 00:00:00:00        
The official announcement: 
Jolly Fish Press is happy to announce the highly anticipated release of Pitch Green, the first installment in the Dimensions in Death series by The Brothers Washburn.
The occasion calls for some shameless celebrating! 
Praises for  PITCH GREEN

"The Brothers Washburn are masters  at writing for Young Adults.  Every character is believable, every description is vivid, and every moment is a surprise.  The story was the perfect mix of frightening and intriguing that made it impossible to put down."  
—Celese Sanders, columnist, The  Daily Independent & Taft Midway Driller

“One of  the many aspects that makes this debut novel a success is the new sophistication that the  Washburn Brothers bring to their writing.  Yes, the audience is meant to be Young Adults, but it is so well conceived and the prose is so excellent that any adult would find this story a rewarding read . . .Books like this will spur young readers to become enchanted with the whole realm of  literature.  Parents and teachers alert!"
—Grady Harp, Top 50 Amazon Reviewer

Pitch Green is a zestful new entry in the Stephen King,blood-and-squishy-eyeballs school of horror.”
—Elaine Lovitt, Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

“PitchGreen is a very fast paced YA horror story that will keep you on the edge of your seat,  you will not want to put it down.”
—Jody Joy, Jody’s Book Reviews

 "Pitch Green is full of not only horror but a mystery aspect that leaves you glued to the  pages. The characters are amazing.”
—Kayla Shirley, Kayla’s Place

"If you  love a scary story, Pitch Green is sure to satisfy. . . I would  recommend Pitch Green to any fan of YA horror."
—Alice Anderson, editor, Bella Online

“Although this is basically geared towards young adults, I admit I got the heebie jeebies and  goosebumps reading it . . .”   
—Jennifer Jordan, Gimme The Scoop Reviews

 “This book had great characters, a great mystery, and so much nonstop action! It was hard to put down.”
—Nori Morganstein, Nori’s Closet


We are anxiously awaiting the release of the book trailer for Pitch Green.  Can't wait! Visit for more information.

About the authors:

BERK AND ANDY WASHBURN, aka “The Brothers Washburn,” are both lawyers by profession, writers at heart. They grew up together roaming the wastelands of the Mojave Desert, where most of the series is set. Both brothers returned from lengthy and successful careers in the wastelands of the law to write YA horror stories based on the wastelands of their youth. They currently live north of Denver, Colorado 
The Dimensions in Death series is merely the beginning of the ingenious and spine-tingling world of the Brothers Washburn. Be on your guard, people, there is a new Grimm in town.

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          I couldn't resist posting this cool flyer that the design team at Jolly Fish Press put together.  So many elements of Pitch Green lurk in its images. 
          Pitch Green even has its own website now, which is fantastic and pretty spooky by itself!  Don't worry, it is safe--just keep glancing behind you.  Check out some of the tabs--if you'd like to read an excerpt you'll find one there!  We invite you to visit Jolly Fish Press and the official website of  Pitch Green.


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Blog Tour is Here . . . with Giveaway

Today is the BIG DAY!  The blog tour for the release of Pitch Green beginsCheck our Events Page above for where we will be stopping by to visit with our great blog hosts. 

Our hosts have amassed reviews, interviews and blog posts on an amazing variety of angles--all relating to Pitch Green, but each one individual to our interviewers.  Some taxed our brains (!) but all are fun.

As part of our blog tour, Jolly Fish Press is launching a Giveaway.  The Giveaway will last from March 10th to March 30th.  Come share in our excitement. Enter below to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

Pitch Green will be released on March 16, 2013-- a circled, red-lettered, and neon day for us.  The countdown clock is ticking its last ticks.

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