Friday, December 21, 2012


     I know, I know, Berk already posted a blog entry with the cover of our book on it, but I want to do it again for two reasons.  First, I didn't get a chance before to send an email to all my friends, (both of them) about the cover; and second, it is a really cool cover and I just wanted to post it again.

    So, here goes:

    We are working on the first pass of the book now, working with the editors.  I am pleased to see how much Jolly Fish Press has improved our writing.  It is a pleasure working with such professionals.
    And to all my friends, (yes, that means both of you), please "forward" my email on to all of your friends, or send them this link.  I just read where that crazy singing and dancing guy in South Korea has gotten over one billion views on his YouTube video.  I am never, ever going to do a singing and dancing video, (can you hear the collective sigh of relief?) and therefore this is my best bet of getting some attention through social media.
     So, send this link on; pass it to all your friends and family, even to some of your enemies, at least to your frienemies, (a new word I just learned from watching "The Next Iron Chef").
    The next time I get this excited will be when the book actually comes out in March, (please notice the timer ticking off the seconds just to the right!)  Well, the next time I get this excited might be the next time I go to IHOP, but when the book comes out, that will be exciting too!  (Look at the cover again, it is way cool, isn't it?)
    OK, I'm done.


  1. Hey, I'm a Washburn, and a brother, and I'd love to be a beta reader on your book! Contact me on G+, if you're interested : )

    Good luck too!

  2. Welcome, Travis! Glad you found us. With J Ballard in your line, we're definitely blood kin! We'd love to have you review the ARC of Pitch Green. Both Berk and I are on Google+ and also on Facebook.