Tuesday, June 25, 2013

REVIEW of Blood Moon by Teri Harman

Teri Harman's new book,  BLOOD MOON, has now been released by Jolly Fish Press.  Much can be said of this magical book--we can only scratch the surface.

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All her life, Willa’s abilities to see ghosts and dream of real events have alienated others from her.  Even her parents pretend her strange powers don’t exist.  Willa is alone—unless you count the ghost in the Twelve Acres History Museum who is her best friend.

Then one summer evening at the Twelve Acres Diner, Simon, the new cook, walks into the diner and Willa discovers a new ability—an instant and electric connection to him in a way she never imagined.  Not only does Simon feel that same magical bond, but he also has unusual abilities. 
When one of Willa’s dreams prompts the two of them to rescue a woman imprisoned in the derelict basement of the town founder, Willa and Simon are catapulted into a desperate race to stay alive and ahead of dark powers that would kill them or use their abilities for their own dark purposes.  However, even Wynter, the Light witch they rescued, and her witch husband, Rowan, cannot fully protect them from the power of Archard, head of the Dark Coven.
BLOOD MOON is a bewitching book.  Teri Harman pulls us in, not only with the rapid unfolding of her story, but with the sheer force of our connection to her characters.  With a deft hand, she sketches out their minds and hearts, investing us with concern for their welfare or wishing them gone.  Even the ghosts become real persons with not only histories but purposes in their half-lives.  Some of those purposes we suspect are not fully revealed in this first book.
In order to introduce Ruby Plate, Amelia, or others, Teri Harman time-hops back to key events.  She does this so adroitly, that I never felt any time warp.   Invested as I was in these characters, I welcomed these opportunities to know them better.
Something must be said of the enchanting world of witches contained in BLOOD MOON.  I have read many books using magic and enjoyed the fantastical element.  The detailed and congruent magic in BLOOD MOON, however, became so logical that it seemed like a new reality, a new normal.
I am glad there will be sequels to BLOOD MOON.  The book can be enjoyed by itself, but my appetite is whetted now, and I want more. 
If you'd like to learn more about Teri Harman and BLOOD MOON  go to:
Twitter: @TeriHarman

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Want a taste of what is in store for you in this fantastic book?  Check out the book trailer below.


  1. Great review fellas!! I can't wait to read this novel! It's one of my "next-up-for-review" novels!!!

  2. We will be excited to read what you find in BLOOD MOON. You will love it!