Thursday, August 22, 2013


            I haven’t made a blog entry in over two weeks and am feeling a little guilty about it.  Over the years I have trained myself to pretty much ignore guilt, so “a little guilty” is about the best I can do on the guilt front.
            I was afraid I would have to blog again about nothing.  (I should have been a writer for Seinfeld). But a trip to the store revealed to me that I did indeed have something important to blog about.
            There are stories that deserve regional attention, and some that deserve national attention, and even some that deserve international attention.  Also, there are events that are interesting, some that are remarkable, and again, some that are momentous.  And sometimes people over-react to a situation.  Let me give you an example:
            After the last presidential election my brother-in-law’s wife, (that is my wife’s brother’s wife) was so upset with the outcome she took to her bed for three days.  Maybe it was two, but it was something like that.  And, come on, does it really matter who the president is?  Things go pretty much the same no matter whose butt is sitting behind that big desk in the oval office.  This is, in my mind, an overreaction to a nonevent.  (You knew I would get to politics sooner or later).
            No, the event I want to blog about is of much greater moment than the mere election of the leader of the free world.  MUCH GREATER, (see, when its all caps it is like I’m yelling it at you, in case you didn’t know).  It is of the international, momentous types of events.  Oh yes my friends, we were on the edge of the abyss, about to fall into that black void from which there is no return.  Darkness was falling upon us, threatening to consume all that is light and beautiful.  We teetered on the very verge of that deep chasm of despair and hopelessness. 
            I want to come up with at least one more vague overstatement of alarm. 
            Depression and misery were on the cusp of becoming our constant companions.  It appeared as if there was no chance of relief or rescue.  It was like a Hollywood movie, some crass CEO was on the verge of ending life as we know it.  Would someone save the day?
            And then, I was at the store, and lo and behold what did I see?  I saw this:
            Light, hope and joy have been restored.  The universe is back in alignment again.  We can go on, and yes, Jeff Goldblum, it appears life did find a way.  It is the "Sweetest Comeback . . . Ever"!  (If I have to explain to you that Hostess went out of business and someone bought the name and rights to make the products, and after a hiatus of several months blah, blah, blah, then all I can say is pick up a newspaper once in a while.)
            Who cares who the freakin’ president is?  Pass me a Twinkie.

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  1. Who cares? Don't you know Christ will not return until the prophecy about there being a Mormon president is fulfilled? Putting that aside the incompetence of Bush II made it very clear to me that it matters very much who is president and just how delusional he is.

    What is my connection to you? Trona and the fact your father talked me into going on a mission. It lasted four months before I couldn't take it any more. Still I have no regrets. It was worth the try.