Monday, September 2, 2013


                   When Jim Cooper stumbles onto a mob execution in the Wyoming mountains above his ranch, his natural inclination to help catapults him into danger.  The three Las Vegas mobbers turn on Jim as he tries to stop them from killing Larry Lyons.  They don't realize who they are tangling with.  Jim is a decorated Desert Storm veteran and a crack shot.

                Acting in self defense, Jim shoots the three men, making him now a mob target himself.  A modern-day cowboy, Jim refuses to leave the life and the ranch he loves.  Staying alive, however, is now definitely a problem.  Larry offers a possible route to safety, one that sends Jim to Las Vegas to collect a truck filled with stolen mob money.
               An action-packed Rocky Mountain Thriller, THE SAMARITAN PISTOL pulls the reader along like a ride on a galloping horse. At the same time, Eric Bishop's rough and tough characters draw us in with their foibles and the soft spots they can't hide.

               Bishop's descriptions of cowboy life make you feel the sway of the saddle, the love of  a great horse, and the beauty of Wyoming mountain country.  Add to this a sizzling romance and you have it all.
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Eric Bishop may look like a cowboy, but he’s not stuck in the past—neither is his writing. In his debut novel, The Samaritan’s Pistol, Eric explores the choices of a modern-day cowboy grappling to balance sympathy with protecting himself and those closest to him. This gritty, yet heartfelt adventure will be the first of many Rocky Mountain Thrillers with multi-genre appeal crafted by Bishop.

Check out the video below to visit Eric Bishop's writing man cave as he talks about THE SAMARITAN'S PISTOL.

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