Tuesday, September 18, 2012


           The purpose of today’s blog is to demonstrate that I can take a photo on my phone, transfer it to my laptop, and from there upload it to this blog.  If you can see a photo of a hairy dog face, that means I’ve succeeded.
            To those of you who are not grey-haired, fat, old farts, (like me) this is no big deal.  And to some of you who are grey-haired, fat old farts it is still no big deal.  But to some of us old farts, it is a big deal.  It is not that I’m not familiar with computers.  I’m just barely young enough that I grew up, well, not with computers, but alongside of them, or better put, aware of them.
            I mean, I did have a computer class as a freshman in college.  The computers we worked on there took up the space of an entire floor in the engineering building, and had less computing power than the average cell phone today.  I learned machine language, Basic and Fortran, (please don’t ask me what Fortran is, that makes me feel so old).
            But technology has gotten way out in front of me.  Not because I can’t understand it, or am intimidated by it, but because I just got tired of running fast enough to keep up with it.  And frankly, a lot of the technology that our publisher expects us to learn, (just remember, guys, no matter what I say, I still love you) is stuff I didn’t really care about.  Now we are supposed to blog, and tweet, and facebook, and even google, (I prefer to ogle).  These are all referred to as “social media”, which means people interacting with other people.
            Well, truthfully, I just don’t care to interact with other people.  People annoy me.  I suppose part of the problem is me, but I think it is undeniable that people are just annoying.  And I find that as I get older people get more and more annoying.  I wish they would just stop it.
            But, we wrote a scary book and we want everyone to read it, even annoying people.  And in order to publicize it we need to blog, tweet and facebook, (I’m still not sure how to google).  So here we are back to this blog and this photo.  The photo is of my sister-in-law’s dog, Jimmy.  He is an English Sheep dog and his full name is Jimmy Stewart, but I like to call him, (because I am a huge Laker fan) Jimmy World Peace.  That name fits him better (better than other unnamed people) because he truly does not have a vicious or mean bone in his body.  He loves everyone.  A great companion, a lousy guard dog.
            The transferring of his photo from my phone to the computer was a little tricky because I don’t exactly have a smart phone.  I don’t have a stupid idiot, moron phone either.  I have more of a Regan Democrat phone, or maybe better said, a NASCAR fan phone.  (Now, no one take offense; that said, my phone may still be smarter than I am!)
            So if you can see Jimmy World Peace’s photo at the top of this blog, that means I not only took the photo with my phone, but that I texted/emailed it (I’m still not sure which I did, I just got it from my phone to my computer without a cable) to my email account, saved it to my hard drive in my “pictures” file and then uploaded it from there to this blog.
            I should be pleased with myself for having conquered this much technology, but, nevertheless, I still find the whole thing annoying.  (Yea! Look at the nice doggy with the funny name.)  I guess this is what comes of being an old fart.


  1. Great job, pops! You may be an old fart, but little by little it seems you will learn the wonders of technology. And maybe it will reverse the clock a little. And if you think about it, social media is great for lazy people. You just sit on your bum and promote yourself. It's great!

    1. Thanks Bexxa. If I do say so myself, I am very proficient at sitting on my bum.

  2. So funny! Congrats on the accomplishment :)

  3. Despite the fact that the release of FORTRAN might technically be "old", it's still being used today. Some of us younger folk still know what it is ;)

    1. Ben,
      That may be true, but when I learned FORTRAN we typed it onto IBM cards and then ran the cards through a reader which sent the programing to the computer. That was truly "old school".

    2. Also the google that your publisher might be referring to when in the context of twitter, facebook, and blogs, it may be Google+, which is google's version of a social networking tool.

  4. So. This is exactly, exactly, exactly how I feel about the technology and self promotion side of publishing. Quite intrusive into my daily life. I'd rather be mopping my floor. (And that's saying something.) I remember Fortran. I also remember my computer class as a high school sophomore. The day I wore a skirt to school and went to first hour computers, this freshman asked me if I was the substitute teacher.
    I think I was too old for technology even then.