Monday, November 12, 2012


         It’s time to blog again.  This is kind’a like flossing; the time to do it comes regularly, whether you want to do it or not.  I suppose I should be writing more about Trona, because the time is drawing near for the publication of our book, (Pitch Green) and that would help sales for the book.  (I’m assuming both of the readers of this blog will buy our book when it comes out.)  And, I love Trona, and am glad that is where we placed the setting for our story.  It is a desolate, scary place, just perfect for the type of horror story we are writing, (discovering, formulating, finding?).
Scott as a robot for Trick or Treats.
            But, I’m just not getting Trona vibes, right now.  Berk has a lot of Trona stories to tell.  Hopefully he will post another one soon.  I have written a scary fictional story that has as its setting Trona.  That will probably be my next post.
            My wife suggested I write about the joys of being a grandparent.  Sounds like a suggestion a wife would make, doesn’t it?  However, if you are not a grandparent, you are not really going to understand, and if you are a grandparent you don’t need me to explain to you what it is like.  Besides, that’s the kind of happy fluff a wife would like her husband to be able to write about, but that I’m not quite capable of doing, just yet, (or ever).  Of course that won’t stop me from putting up some pictures.  Yes, I am that kind of grandpa.
            A few years back my wife asked me to write a romance novel about a couple who had been married for over 30 years; like us.  I wrote one.  My wife read it and said it was nothing like what she wanted.  She hopes I don’t publish it.  We’ll see.

            Having just flown, I was going to write about what a miserable experience that always is; how the airlines, TSA and the airports all conspire together to make flying such an absolute miserable experience.  Everything is simplified and organized in such a way, at the expense of the flying public, to the benefit of the not too bright employees of the above three entities.  (Please notice, Miss Coulter, we don’t use the “R” word!).  Oh, that's Gracie, she likes Oreo Cookies.  (So do I!)

            But, you all know all about that, and nothing anyone says is going to change it, so why bother getting worked up about it now?  (OK, just one word, to the airlines, because airports don’t care and TSA won’t listen: just take a fraction, a freaking fraction, of your advertising budget and spend it on a study that would show how to make flying just a little less miserable, and yes, I am using the word “miserable” over and over again on purpose.)

            I could write about how I came to have a slight Diet Coke addiction.  Because drinking Mountain Dew would be gauche.  ( There, that’s done.  (Evan likes the tool belt Grandma and Grandpa got for him). 

            Oh look, I’ve used up all the space I allow myself in writing a blog.  I can’t believe I wrote a whole blog about nothing.  Again.  (Berk, keep posting!)  But there we are.
            Next time I will write something about Trona.  And Madi, don't worry, I'll post your picture soon.

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