Friday, April 26, 2013


           Writing is a precious thing.  Sometimes I have it and sometimes it gets lost.  Virtually every other job I’ve ever done, including attorneying, (I know it’s not a word, get over it) I could do whether I felt like it or not.  Writing is different.  It’s there or it’s hiding.  I mean, it usually close, but sometimes it seems to be just out of reach.
            Berk and I have been promoting our first book, “Pitch Green”.  And we have been having fun doing it.  We have number of signings to go to, and I think those will be fun too.  But there is a part of me, a large part, that just wants to get back to the creative process of writing.  We are almost done with the sequel to “Pitch Green”, Berk is mainly working on it now.  As a result, I have a serious hankering to start the third and final book in this trilogy.
            I actually want to go to Trona (where our story takes place) to write this third one.  Not because Trona is such a lovely place, especially in 100 plus degree summer weather, but because I can play the hermit and just create, (which is the same thing as writing).
"No, that wasn't me!"
            I mean, I get enough privacy here in Colorado, and I should be able to write here, just like I did for the first two books.  My only company during the day is Jimmy, the dog.  And he isn’t much of a distraction, except when he is flatulent, which is often, but I should still be able to write here, especially now that the weather is finally warming.
            And yet, that part of me that loves being alone, avoiding people, walking around without pants, looks for even more isolation.  Several people have told me that they can’t wait for the second book to come out, (it will be out in March, 2014), and I think they will be pleased with what we’ve done.  We have some new characters, some new monsters, a little science fiction, and a whole lot of fun destroying things and getting scared.  You’ll like it.  Trust me.
Not really a new character in the book, but it is scary looking.
But all the characters from the first book and new characters you will see in the second, are calling to me, trying to get out of my head and onto paper.  And truthfully, while I don’t have a clue as to what they all will be doing in the third book, (I don’t outline these things ahead of time) I think they will all be doing exciting and memorable stuff.  I’m anxious to see how it turns out.
            I have to wait, though, a little longer.  Responsibility beckons me stay for various thing.  The Cal in me (a character from the book) wants to screw responsibility and just move on.  The Camm in me (the other main character) says “no”.  I must finish what I need to do here.  Damn it Camm, why did we make you so responsible? 
            So, I will see many of you at a signing in Boulder at the Pearl Street Mall on the 4th of May and another one somewhere else on the 18th.  (I know I should know where it is, I'll figure it out before the 18th.) But soon thereafter, it is off to Trona, and adventure time. 
            It is so hard to wait.

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