Tuesday, April 30, 2013


            I admit I don’t like throwing things away.  The enforced need to throw away half of our possessions as we prepared to move from Colorado still haunts me.  Just ask my wife.  She says I am a hoarder.  I say I just treasure my possessions.

            But giveaways are different.  I love giving presents.  It’s the best part of Christmas and birthdays. I make up reasons to give others presents.   My wife says she loves to see what I will come up with—and that I am good at present-giving because I enjoy it so much.  All I know is, I love giveaways.
           And now I can giveaway our book!  How fun is that!  And since Goodreads decides who wins the signed copy of PITCH GREEN, I can just encourage everyone to enter!  We will all be excited  for the winner.

            Happy….?  I guess it’s HappyGoodreadsGiveaway!  Just click on the words, and you're there.




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