Friday, May 31, 2013

Snippets of People

     When I do a book signing, I meet and talk with so many interesting people.  Last Saturday, at the Barnes & Noble in St. George, Utah, a man bought a copy of PITCH GREEN and had me personalize it to his Dad with a Happy Father's Day wish.  His Dad likes thrillers and an author signed copy seemed like a special gift.
     Another couple I chatted with bought a book and had me dedicate it to a local elementary school. The wife was librarian there. 
     "School is out," she said, "so I'll have plenty of time this summer to read the book before I put it on the shelf." 
     Her husband smiled. "After we've both read it."
     Since I live in the area, she took my business card.  Next fall, she'd like me to come visit with the kids about writing a book.  I'm pretty excited about that opportunity!
     I had a taste of what fun that would be when 3 young men dressed all in black stopped by the table.  One of them asked a lot of questions, not just about PITCH GREEN, but about the writing process and how you get published.  A sharp fellow.  As they left, I wondered if I might be stopping by his book signing table one day.
     But two visitors that day were total surprises and totally welcome!  I was sitting at the table and saw my wife visiting with two ladies who had their backs to me.  One of them looked vaguely familiar.  Then she turned around.  It was Mary--my niece!
     I had to blink several times before I could process who I was seeing.  My wife and Mary laughed at the look on my face.  Mary was in St. George on a "girls weekend" with a friend, enjoying a break from the demands of busy families.  She had heard about the signing at the last minute and decided to just surprise me.  She did.  For a moment I wasn't sure I was in the right universe.  How fun to see her.

Once I recovered from that surprise, a fine looking young father approached with his family.  I saw my wife give him a hug and wondered who she was so friendly with!  He looked familiar.  He started to speak and I knew immediately.  Michael Foley.  Our children grew up with him in Michigan.  My wife taught him several years at a 6 am class held before high school. Mike was always cheerful and ready with a joke that early in the morning.  And now he is a radio DJ, hosting the morning show.  Perfect for him.  And look at those cute kids!
     A short slice of time is all I have to meet each person.  As they walk away with a signed book, I think, "Sure would like to know what they think of it."  And, if a young man has decided to start writing his own book.

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