Saturday, May 4, 2013


Saturday, April 20th was an important day for Andy and I.   We celebrated the book launch of PITCH GREEN at the Barnes & Nobel in Thornton, Colorado.  Many friends came to celebrate with us.

I had farther to drive to the event than Andy.  He lives about 5 miles from that Barnes & Noble.  My wife and I drove 625 miles the day before, back across the Rocky Mountains to get there--a journey we had made in the opposite direction just 3 weeks before as we moved from Colorado to St. George, Utah.  We were excited for the book launch, but also for the chance to see some of the many friends we had left behind in Colorado.

I had slightly more experience with book launches than Andy--I had attended one (1).  We weren't sure exactly what we should be doing, but guessed the most important criteria was to have fun.  And we did!

Rather belatedly, we realized we should be taking pictures.  Here are a few:

Can you tell we are enjoying ourselves! Our youngest supporter is Jens--6 months old



 Friends from my critique group came to celebrate with me.  Thanks to Olivia (Zuzanna's daughter), Zuzanna, Greg, and Barb.         

                 Shirley and Dave.

 Ron Smith

Carolyn and Barbara
  Good Friends Reunited.

At one point we congregated in a cozy corner of the store, where Andy read an excerpt from PITCH GREEN and we both answered questions about our writing process and the book.

This is just a small portion of the many who came.  (We wish we had more pictures.  If anyone has any to share, please let us know)  We were busy from 1pm to 4 pm, greeting friends and signing books.  Some who were walking by joined in the fun.  One young man, about 10 years old, whose mother bought him a book, kept her waiting while he asked the authors questions about where the idea for the book came from and how they wrote it together.  Very sharp guy!
A great time. Wonderful friends.

And at the end, every copy of PITCH GREEN had found a new home.

Thanks to all!


  1. Congratulations! That must feel incredible. BTW...I love the book trailer. As a retired video producer, I was impressed.

  2. It is an amazing feeling to see our book in someone else's hands--and know they plan to read it! And coming from you, Delora, with your experience, it is high praise, indeed, that you loved the book trailer. Thanks so much.