Friday, July 12, 2013


           It is much more fun to blog about random things than it is to blog about the business of being an author.  At least I’m not blogging about being an attorney.  Actually it would be even more fun to blog about politics.  I have so much to say, probably all useless, but still . . .  and with this immigration thing going on . . . .  Of course everyone (I mean everyone involved with this blog, like Berk, my wife, the publisher) is dreading the day I blog about politics, so I will forgo for at least a little longer.
            And, there is business to be done.  We have a number of book signings coming up that need to be publicized.  On August 3 we are signing books at the Red Rocks Bookstore in Ridgecrest California.  Ridgecrest is only about 20 miles from Trona, where the story in the book takes place, and where I went to junior high and high school.  We are excited to go there.  But then I am always excited to go back to the desert for any reason.  Our Facebook page will have the times, addresses and specifics.  (The link is in the right-hand column). 
            On August 6 we will be at the Barnes & Noble in Huntington Beach, California at the Bella Terra Mall.  This is close to where I raised my family for twenty years and only a few miles from the beach.  We are excited to see all our close friends from the Huntington Beach area, but then I am always excited to go back to the beach for any reason.

            On August 10 we will be at the Barnes & Noble in Long Beach, California.  Woo-Hoo, more beach time!  Between Huntington Beach and Long Beach is Seal (you guessed it) Beach.  If you drive down Pacific Coast Highway in Seal Beach, and look to your left you will see a water tower that has been remodeled into a house.  It is built way up on stilts and looks way cool.  It is also always for sale.  But I digress.

            This is our California book signing tour.  I wonder if I could convince our publisher in setting up one in Tijuana?  It would be real exciting to go to Tijuana for a book signing, but then I am always excited to go back to Mexico for any reason.  The fact that our book hasn’t yet been translated into Spanish may put a damper on this idea.

            On August 24 Berk is back in St. George for another book signing at the Barnes & Noble there.  (I was going to say that I’m usually not too excited about going to St. George, Utah, but I was afraid I might offend someone there).  Barnes & Noble has been really great about sponsoring our book signings.  (I was going to say that they are really great at helping old people figure out how to use their Nooks, too, but I was afraid I might offend some old people).
            Additionally, we are set to be at the University of Utah Bookstore in Salt Lake City on Halloween doing a book signing there.  That will be awesome fun, but then I am always excited about Halloween.  Some people (my wife) might say I am a real Halloweenie.

            Next we are headed to the Midwest.  Watch out Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky, (Kentucky is almost the Midwest).
            See you there!


  1. Sounds like you have an interesting trip ahead of you!

    1. We are excited to get back to Ridgecrest and Trona, where we both grew up. Huntington Beach is back to roots for me, too.

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