Wednesday, July 3, 2013

REVIEW: UP IN THE AIR by Ann Marie Meyers

A new novel by Anne Marie Meyers

I enjoyed reading this wonderful book by a fellow author and am pleased to add my voice to the many also excited about UP IN THE AIR.   This book has all the earmarks of a classic. 

                Melody’s “Zombie Look” works every time.  She goes cross-eyed, scrunches up her lips, sucks in her cheeks and sticks out her tongue.  Bullies and anyone getting too friendly at school instantly back away.  That is important to ten-year-old Melody because she has things to hide.  She knows she is responsible for the car accident that paralyzed her Dad.  That memory is just one of many that she stuffs into the black hole of forgetting whenever they surface.
                Melody does have a cherished dream.  Even before the accident, she has always wanted to fly.  She feels the wind swelling around her as she rides on swings or teeters on fences and knows if she can only let go, she will fly, she will be free.
                One day as she launches from the highest loop she has ever gotten on a swing, a white fog envelopes her.  Where is she?  Did she crash and land in a coma?
                Melody has entered the fantasy world of Chimeroan, a place where cherished wishes come true.  With her Guide, Sara, a teenage girl with wings, Melody explores the fantastical world full of witches, dragons, leprechauns and every other imaginable person or creature.  Melody loves her new wings, but must earn them by fulfilling tasks.  Melody has choices to make, fears to conquer, and trust to learn.   
                Writing in a beautiful voice, simple but profound, Ann Marie Meyers speaks to the heart and mind.  Middle grade readers (and adults) will recognize their own concerns and find hope and optimism that life can be beautiful in spite of troubles, choices are just choices, and forgiveness and trust are possible.

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Ann Marie Meyer
I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago and graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia with a Joint Honors Degree in French and Spanish. After leaving university, I got a job at the Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Board and later at the United Nations, New York. While at the UN I took a translation certificate course at New York University, School of Continuing Education, and went on to become a freelance translator. Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I started writing and never stopped.
Though adults were my initial target audience, this changed soon after my daughter was born and ideas for children’s stories kept pouring in. Up In The Air, is my first children’s book.
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