Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting Ready for Trona

Our book, Pitch Green, comes out next March.  The story takes place in a little desert town about half way between Death Valley and hell.  The name of the town is Trona, and in case you were wondering, it is a real place.  Look it up on Google Earth if you want.  Our family lived there for about six years in the 1960s.  Berk went to junior high and high school there and I went to K through 5th grade there.  Since our time there Trona has gotten even smaller, population wise.  It is the perfect isolated weird little place to set our story.

Before anyone actually from Trona becomes offended, please understand that I love Trona.  I think it was the perfect place to grow up and I always love going back there to visit.  But, it is still a great setting for spooky stories.

The first book is finished and, as I said, will come out next year.  I am working on the sequel, with Berk, and will be going back to Trona the last couple days of July to do some research, and get some inspiration.

I will post on here about my visit there, and will make some other posts before that.  Perhaps by then there will be some people actually reading this blog!


  1. We are so excited to read your book when it comes out!! We'll be in Utah until July 29th, but if you are still in Trona after then, come visit us!

    ~Kimm Washburn

  2. I'll be reading! Have a good trip!

    Teri Harman

    1. Thanks, Teri. I'll try to make the journey interesting.