Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Just received the Summer Olympics Special edition of TIME magazine.  Actually, my sister-in-law received the magazine in the mail for her dental office.  I take the magazine home for a few days, and then return it to her dental office.  I just love not paying for stuff.

The very last piece in TIME this week is written by Joel Stein about pole vaulting.  It is very, very funny.  Every week when I read TIME (for free), I go to the back of the magazine first and read Joel Stein's thoughts about some irrelevant and probably irreverent thing.  Those thoughts are always funny.  Stein's writing reminds of the great humorous writers of my youth, like Art Buchwald and Erma Bombeck.  This lost art is being revived by Stein.

Good writing is a rare thing to find.  Great writing is even harder to find.  Funny writing is almost nonexistent.  Thank you Joel Stein.

I was tempted to comment on some of his comments that I found especially laugh-worthy, but why give you the abridged edition when you can go to and read it for yourself.  I will say that his subtle jab at the way we write around the metric system, (see the second paragraph) had me laughing out loud.  Unfortunately, an uncommon occurrence any more.

Perhaps I'm just hoping that Stein googles his own name regularly, and will see what an unabashed brown-noser I am, and mention my blog in his next piece.  Or maybe, I just hope that all three of you who read this blog will go and read his thoughts about using a long pole to jump real high, and have an out loud laugh.

We could all use more of those.


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  1. So, I looked and looked and couldn't find a free online copy of Joel Stein's column to which you refer. You've got a good deal reading it for free. If you read this at such a late date, maybe you could help me out with a comment that has a hot link. I want to laugh out loud and not have it be simply LOL that doesn't really mean what it says.