Thursday, July 19, 2012


This writing business is an interesting thing.  I thought I used to write for a living.  For twenty-five years I was a trial attorney, which means I did more writing that actual trialing, (made up word, I know, that's a prerogative of writers).  So for twenty-five years I did technical writing with a persuasive bend to it.  Writing fiction is completely different.

Before I would spend at least half my time, if not more, researching and outlining what I was going to write.  I know a lot of fiction writers do the same style, that is, research and outline before the actual story goes down.  But I'm doing it differently.  We have created some great characters, and I'm just kind of letting these character find their way.

I do have a general idea of the plot that is going forward, but I am really discovering the book as I write it, which is kind of fun, but also kind of hard.  Some days I don't get anywhere at all, and some days whole chapters come to me at once.

I'm hoping that by going back to Trona, for a visit, that I'll be inspired as to what my characters in the book will be doing.

I have discovered that creativity is an elusive creature.  Sure, I've always been kind of crazy, not dangerous, (most of the time), just a little crazy, and certainly being crazy helps with the creative process.  But there is more to it.  With the crazy there has to be a little structure, a little substance that holds the whole thing together.  Being an attorney taught me about structure and substance.  Being crazy just came naturally.  Combining the two in a meaningful way, ah, that's the tricky part.

Hopefully it works.



  1. Crazy? I prefer the term normalcy challenged.

  2. Maybe, but only a normal person would prefer a PC term.

  3. A technical writer by education, I turned to writing fiction after I married a trial attorney (who has now turned judge.)
    And I prefer most of my terms to be non-PC.
    I think we could be friends, my friend.

  4. What I love about this post is I getting the inside scoop on what you're going through in writing.